The Take off Project ~ Do The Green Thing

January 2022

Zalando & Do The Green Thing

Integrated campaign
Digital & Printed

Get ready to “Take Off” your clothes…

Discover the future of fast fashion shipment with Zalando and Skyteam.
The days of wasting resources are gone.

There is a better way to reduce the impact of the delivery of fast fashion products on the environment: when people shop with Zalando, thanks to Skyteam, they have now a brand new shipment method to make a difference with every purchase.
With “The Take Off Project”, items will be transported on airlines that would otherwise fly with empty seats and unused weight capacity.

Not only users will receive their fashion items, but they’ll also be contributing to a greener world.
Although there may be a slight shipping delay, they’ll be able to enjoy their fashion purchases with a clear conscience knowing they’ve made an eco-friendly choice.

Start shopping now
and get your clothes fly with a purpose.
Join the Take off Project to start the revolution.

~ UX

The User experience in Zalando’s app & website, will easily allow users to get to know about the project. They can select the new greener delivery option and contribute to reduce air traffic and waste.

By taking part to “The Take Off Project” they agree to wait a little longer to have their items, making the waiting time convenient for the enviroment.

Once users complete the payment, they can download the boarding pass connected to the order.

They will be able to track and follow along with their purchases.

Notifications will update them about the status of the shipment letting users know when their items are taking off, landing or ready to be collected.

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