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April 2023

Aizome textile

Brand Design
Product Innovation

Industrial waste — certified as skincare

The use of synthetic chemicals in textile production harms the environment, workers, and wearers. To solve this, Japanese startup AIZOME developed an innovative dyeing method that uses only water, medicinal plants and ultrasound. Because of that, not do the textiles come with additional health benefits – but even the wastewater.

So to demonstrate the quality of AIZOME’s textiles, we put their own claim to test with a simple yet unconventional demonstration: we bottled the wastewater, branded it as a premium skincare product, and sent it to key opinion leaders in the textile industry.

MUNICH, 17 APRIL 2023 — Japanese-German textile startup AIZOME in partnership with Serviceplan Innovation launches WASTECARE™, a premium skincare product that is wastewater from their textile dyeing factory. Because AIZOME only uses plants, water, and ultrasound instead of synthetic chemicals in their dyeing process, the wastewater, like the textiles, has natural health benefits, such as anti-inflammation, pain-relief, and skin rejuvenation.

“WASTECARE is one of our simplest product innovations yet. All it took to develop was a shift in perspective and good design: Industrial waste presented as high-end skincare. Demonstrating not only AIZOME’s world-changing technology, but also the power of creative thinking.”

– Alex Schill, Chief Creative Officer, Serviceplan Group

The unique design system combines visual elements inspired by ultrasound and traditional Japanese culture.

Created in collaboration with Workbyworks Studio, a New York-based, award-winning design studio,
the package was conceptualized to create an intimate unboxing experience combining practicality with aesthetics.

The cardboard layers reinforce the packaging so that it can be shipped without outer protection and recycled afterwards. Each stage of unboxing allows the user to get closer to the story of AIZOME through data visualization, fabric, and finally, the face serum.

To find more about the project visit WASTECARE website or instagram.

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