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April 2024

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There’s more to social life,
when there’s less on your phone.

Smartphones are amazing. Maybe a bit too amazing for social life. That’s why there’s a growing trend of digital detoxing, Gen-z want to go back. It seems that social life was more interesting, when phones were more boring.

The Boring Phone. A phone designed with less, so people can enjoy social life more.

Designed by the same makers as Nokia in collaboration with youth culture-focused apparel brand, Bodega, The Boring Phone boasts transparent casing and holographic stickers that reference the Zillenial obsession with all things Y2K. It was launched during Milan Design Week, the mecca of design, and went global as an edition limited to 5000 devices, people could get through giveaways

Smartphones are too interesting. That’s why you need The Boring Phone.
The Boring Phone was launched with a worldwide campaign shot by acclaimed director Rollo Jackson celebrating how all the moments where smartphones are distracting us from the best social life would be much better with a boring phone.

Without almost any feature, but with all you need for social life.

The Boring Phone comes basically without any smart functionality, but it has some special features designed specifically to improve social life. From Quick Snake, a bespoke version of the iconic Nokia game that ends immediately after hitting the first star, to a camera that captures everything in low definition, to an email app that can’t fit even a single email.

Dropped at Milan Design Week

The Boring Phone was launched at Milan Design Week, the biggest design festival in Europe, gathering thousands of people from all over the world, with a special no-phone event where the public could have a sneak peak and try the phone before the official drop in June.

Heineken’s most talked about campaign to date

With 24.000 sign-ups for the drop in the first hour, 7.1 Billions in earned media, being featured on the biggest media outlet of the world as Wired, Fast Company, Vogue, GQ, Hypebeast, Highsnobiety, The Guardian and others from 113 countries all over the world, The Boring Phone was the most talked about campaign to date. 

To find more about the project visit THE BORING PHONE website.

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