Sounds Crazy ~ Eat Grub

January 2022

Eat Grub

Integrated campaign (audio based)

Crazy with no added surprises.

The “Sounds Crazy” campaign by Eat Grub aims to promote the consumption of insects as a food source by highlighting its known and upfront “crazy” factor.

The concept behind the campaign is that while eating insects may sound crazy, it is a known fact from the start and does not have any hidden surprises like many things in life that may have sounded like a good idea at first but turned out to be crazy.

The campaign uses humor through different touchpoints to make fun of those things and encourage people to consider insects as a sustainable and environmentally-friendly food option, challenging the preconceptions surrounding this food choice.

~ Immersive 3D Audio Spot

Your future self knows which crazy ideas will have a bad surprise, as he/she knows eating insects it’s just crazy without surprise.

~ Podcast

If people think eating insects is crazy, they are probably right, but at least it’s crazy from the beginning, with no turning points, and no added surprises.

“Sounds Crazy” is the podcast about all the good ideas we all have once and then turned out to be a complete disaster…

We are talking about the time you wanted to buy an iguana or when you thought dating your ex was a great option.

~ Instagram Comics

How many ideas sounded good in the beginning,🌝
and then turned out crazy?🌚

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