Adc Beats ~ ADC Germany

November 2022

ADC Germany

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Creative beats.

“Adc Beats” is a new events series from the Art Directors Club. A night of music, creativity and community, with the aim of bringing together photographers, design enthusiasts, and full-time creatives for a night of free concerts, learning opportunities and a celebration of the arts.

The visual identity of the series is built on a modular layout that is versatile and capable of adapting to various platforms. This modular approach provides the necessary flexibility for the program to be presented in a manner that is suitable for each specific medium.

The dynamic typography gives each episode a unique rhythmic quality that adds an extra layer of interest and engagement.

The combination of the modular layout and dynamic typography creates a visual identity that is not only effective in communicating the program’s content, but also visually appealing and memorable.

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01 / WASTECARE™ ~ Aizome textile

02 / Aizome ULTRA™ ~ Aizome textile

03 / Eternal ~ MediaMonks

04 / Freedom Grams ~ AROYA

05 / Adc Beats ~ ADC Germany

06 / Sounds Crazy ~ Eat Grub

07 / The Take Off Project ~ Zalando

Aizome textile

Aizome ULTRA™ ~
Aizome textile

Eternal ~

Freedom Grams ~ AROYA

Adc Beats ~
ADC Germany

Sounds Crazy ~
Eat Grub

The Take Off Project ~ Zalando